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Chiefs Vs. Chargers: Mike Florio Predicts A Kansas City Win

The upcoming Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers is apparently going to be a great game given how divided sportswriters are over who will likely come out the victor. Whoever it is will be the AFC West leaders heading into Week 9, so there's a lot at stake. But given the momentum, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio says it should be the Chiefs.

He writes, "Suddenly, the Chiefs have become the hottest team in the AFC West. Just as suddenly, the Chargers seem to be falling apart. After losing 31-0 in San Diego last year, the Chiefs played the Chargers close on the road in Week Three. Now that the rivalry returns to Arrowhead Stadium, it’s time for the Chiefs to tighten up the top of the division."

The Arrowhead factor is going to be big for the Chiefs, who played the Chargers very close on the road. The Chiefs have been quite impressive in division road contest so far, the mark of a team that could scrap to the end. Despite the early injuries and performance, it's clear the Chiefs season is still alive and well.