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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Says 'This Week Is One-Game Season Against San Diego Chargers'

If you ask Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel if he knows his team could take the AFC West lead with a win Monday night over the San Diego Chargers, he might say “no.” From Cassel’s own words, it’s clear that each game is unto itself without any real attention paid to the bigger picture. It’s that focus that has allowed the Chiefs to turn their season around after not getting down on themselves after starting 0-3.

“We really don’t pay much attention to the standings right now,” said Cassel at a team press conference. “I think what we do is we take one game at a time. That was the only way for us to get to where we are right now is by not looking ahead, not looking at our record, but concentrating on the opponent we have this week. That’s the approach we’re taking this week. This week is a one-game season against the San Diego Chargers.”

That’s the best approach to take when so much is at stake with just one game. This is the last time the Chiefs will face the Chargers this season so any ability to affect the team in the standings needs to be taken advantage of. They let one slip away last time, but now that they’re at home with some momentum, they should finally put this one away.