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Chiefs Vs. Chargers: Fundamentals Have Made Big Difference For Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs have had an amazing turnaround this season, going from the league laughingstock and leading the Suck for Luck campaign (to get Andrew Luck in the upcoming NFL Draft by being the worst team in the league), the Chiefs are now winners of three in a row to be at .500 for the first time since the beginning of the season when no games were played. Now they can take the division lead with a win over the Chargers.

They got there by paying attention to the little things and staying focused and dedicated instead of getting down on themselves. Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel said in a recent press conference that no one lost their head about the poor start and kept doing the work it took to get better.

"It was a combination of so many different things that finally came together for us. There’s no doubt also that those guys have been working hard, we all have, and we’ve been putting in extra time. This is a dedicated team and a group of guys that want to be successful, want to win and want to have great success. With that and the combination of us adjusting and doing a number of different things from a fundamental standpoint."

As the team moves forward, Cassel also said they're finding their identity as a team with some new players and a lot of injuries. They'll find out even more who they are against the Chargers and part of that identity will be AFC West leaders if they're able to win.