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Chiefs-Vikings: Peter King Calls Ryan Succop His Special Teams Player Of Week

The Chiefs-Vikings game won’t get much write-up in the national press considering it was a match-up between two winless teams in smaller markets. However, Peter King did note one particular player’s performance: Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop. King called him his special team’s player of the week in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column for Sports Illustrated.

King writes, “For three quarters, he was just about all the offense the Chiefs had. His five field goals (from 40, 24, 51, 54 and 22 yards) gave the Chiefs a 15-10 lead, and the Vikings didn’t have enough juice to come back. Pretty good day for the former Mr. Irrelevant.”

Succop had had already missed one field goal in each of the last three games and it was clear that the performance couldn’t continue if Succop wanted any kind of job security. But a standout effort like Sunday’s will definitely alleviate any concerns on the part of fans or the front office. Succop made all the difference Sunday and that placed the Chiefs in the win column for the first time this year.