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Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Reportedly Having ACL Surgery This Week

It’s hard to distrust a source when it’s the player himself, so we’ll take Jamaal Charles at his word when he says he’s having surgery at some point this week to repair his torn ACL. Via his Twitter feed, Charles noted that he was going home to be with family for a bit before having surgery sometime this week.

While Charles’ injury wasn’t the first to hit the Chiefs, since Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry were both out for the year before Charles, it’s clear that the star RB was the offensive cornerstone for the team and his loss has been the most devastating thus far. The Chiefs are attempting to patch together a running game and even Jackie Battle is getting some significant playing time, but Charles is clearly missed. Here’s hoping his surgery goes well this week.

Until then, the main message Charles wants to get across can be found on his website which reads, “Jamaal Charles would like to thank all of his fans for the continued support and prayers. He is in very good spirits and is looking forward to being on the field as soon as his health will allow. He asked that you all continue to give Kansas City your support. Again he thanks everyone for their concern and appreciates all of the love that is being sent his way.”