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Arrowhead Stadium Ranked Third Best NFL Tailgating Destination

No matter how good the product on the field is, one thing remains true in Kansas City: Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best fan experiences in the National Football League. A new article by Reuters confirms this on a national level when they recognized Kansas City's tailgating experience as the third best in the country recently, ranking just behind New England and Cleveland.

The article states, "For football fans who know a thing or two about tailgating, it's no surprise that Kansas City makes this list. While other stadiums work hard to crack down on tailgating-mania by limiting parking lot hours, Chiefs' fans light up the smokers a day early and camp out overnight to ensure they are raring to go Sunday morning. It's rare for many NFL stadiums to reach the sort of status of college tailgating, but Arrowhead attendees do it weekly. Part of their secret to success is a mastery of a tailgating menu, and Chief's fans have mastered their barbecue."

The surprising part is that Green Bay ranked so low (No. 5) when two Ohio teams ended up in the top four. If anything, it shows just how great the fan experience is in the greater Midwestern area.