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Chiefs Vs. Chargers: Does Philip Rivers Have An Undisclosed Injury?

Matt Williamson of Scouts, Inc. wants to know what’s wrong with Philip Rivers. He’s not the only one trying to piece together an odd puzzle surrounding the San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl quarterback. Yet while some are wondering about a lack of rhythm, an off year or possible offensive scheme issues, Williamson wonders about something else entirely: an undisclosed injury.

The evidence is there beyond what Rivers says about his health — which is that he’s as “healthy as he’s ever been at this point in the season." Players always claim they are healthy. To do anything like complain about your pain is to be subjected to ridicule a la Jay Cutler from last year’s playoffs. But something is amiss.

Williamson writes, “Rivers seems unable to get the ball where he wants it, and there was very little vertical element to the San Diego Chargers’ passing attack in the 27-21 loss to the New York Jets. The second half in New York was about as bad a half of football as you will ever see the Chargers play, and the two-minute offense Rivers directed to finish the game was a mess. San Diego did not manage the clock well in large part because Rivers too often threw very short and did not allow his receivers to gain yardage or get to the sideline after the catch, and on fourth down, he threw the ball well out of bounds.”

We will see a little more tonight from the Chiefs match-up from Rivers and he might come out to make a statement that he’s totally okay. But you can bet if the Chargers lose tonight — or even if Rivers fails to put on an elite performance — that the questions will continue to be asked.