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Philip Rivers Now Leads NFL In Interceptions With 11 In Just Over Six Games

The San Diego Chargers are used to the big arm of Philip Rivers carrying them to double digit wins every season. This year, that arm is hurting them by turning the ball over 11 times in just over six games. He’s already thrown two picks tonight to the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense — one to Derrick Johnson on a tipped pass by Wallace Gilberry and another by Kendrick Lewis to open the game.

If the Chargers are going to win tonight, they’re going to need Ryan Mathews to take off some pressure and for Rivers to settle in. He continues to throw down the field deep time and again and it’s not working out for him. Something is definitely wrong and the turnovers are killing the Chargers when they should really be stronger than they are — even with the injuries they’ve dealt with. After all, they still have some incredible targets at wide receiver.