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Kansas City Vs. San Diego Halftime Update: Turnovers Mummify Charger Offense, K.C. Leads 13-3

Phillips Rivers rose from the dead late in the second half to improve his stat line to a respectable 12 of 19 for 164 yards, but two interceptions paired with a Ryan Matthews fumble have kept San Diego from scaring the Chiefs, and Kansas City leads 13-3.

Matt Cassel has been respectable but unremarkable for the Chiefs, hitting six of 13 for 127 yards and one touchdown, but the story has been rookie wide receiver Jon Baldwin, who bit the San Diego secondary early with 66 yards on three receptions. Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Le'Ron McClain all have a catch, but all came in "big play" yardage scenarios for 26, 21 and 14 yards, respectively. 

When the Chargers haven't been arm punting treats into the Chiefs' bag of tricks, nine penalties for 85 yards have scared away any consistency in their drives. An early MVP for the Chiefs is safety Kendrick Lewis, who has picked off Rivers and recovered the Matthews fumble.

Not that head coach Todd Haley is willing to break character to congratulate Lewis. He's really working the angry hobo motif this year: