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San Diego Vs. Kansas City Groundhog Halloween: Chiefs Falter, San Diego Charges, Manages FG

Eventually the Chiefs will need to do something on offense to preserve their lead. The Chargers drove 54 yards on seven plays but again choked in the red zone, as Phillip Rivers' favorite target, tight end Antonio Gates, has been smothered in coverage. Nate Novak hit another field goal from 26 yards out to cut the Kansas City lead to one, 13-12.

The Chiefs have the ball to end a third quarter absolutely dominated by the Chargers in time of possession and yardage, but without a touchdown. Before the change of periods, the Chiefs earned only their second first down since the second quarter. 

The Chargers have almost doubled the Chiefs in total yardage, leading 327 to 169, but have yet to find the end zone.