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Kansas City Vs. San Diego: Two Close Plays, Two Reviews Help Chargers Tie Game At 20

San Diego was in danger of not scoring a touchdown in a game for the first time in Norv Turner's tenure with the Chargers, but finally broke through when running back Curtis Brinkley hopped the pile for a two-yard touchdown that was reviewed after Brinkley broke the plane of the goal line but had the ball knocked away. Brinkley would catch a successful two point conversion pass from Phillip Rivers that would also have to be reviewed to see if momentum put Brinkley in the end zone. The replay confirmed the initial call, and the Chargers have tied the game.

Brinkley helped to set up the goal line drive after catching a 20 yard pass from Rivers on a 2nd and 8 at Kansas City's 22-yard-line, an area of the red zone where San Diego had faltered on every drive so far tonight.