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Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Todd Haley, Matt Cassel Need To Show Encore Performance

The Kansas City Chiefs need Matt Cassel and Todd Haley to continue whatever they were doing in the second half against the Minnesota Vikings. The offense found a spark and it was led by Cassel.

Much has been talked about regarding the sideline argument between Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and starting quarterback Matt Cassel during last weeks 22-17 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. While both downplayed the argument after the game, it's important to note that the actual conversation may not have been a big deal. But something like that has not happened before, at least not that the TV's have caught (and they're pretty good at that nowadays), and that is the interesting storyline from this situation.  

I don't personally believe that it's anything more than two competitive people not seeing eye-to-eye on something during a game. I'm surprised we don't see these things more often to be honest. A very smart person once told me that life isn't about what happens to you, but rather how you react to it. This isn't a big deal that these two had a tiff on camera, it's the fact that Cassel came out and played well after.

If Cassel came out and played terrible after this confrontation, or whatever you want to call it, than it changes everything. But guess what? He didn't play bad after, actually, he played pretty damn well after it and that is what's important. I won't go as far to say that Haley should get a lot of credit for Cassel playing well after this, but he should get a nod for doing his job.

When head coaches are constantly second-guessed from everyone with a medium to voice their displeasure, whether it be an angry fan calling a radio station or a journalist writing a column. It seems as if even some good things can go unnoticed when they are still in the midst of something sub-par. The Chiefs are still only 1-3 on the season and that's not very good, but they did just pick up a victory and the things they did right in that game should be as talked about as the things they've done wrong in all the others. And everyone knows how much we've talked about all of the wrong.

What the Chiefs need now is an encore performance of what happened against the Vikings. It's not enough to do things well for one game and feel as if you've arrived. You have to prove it each and every Sunday that you and your team are either getting better, or you'll show that you're getting worse. There is no staying-the-same in todays' NFL.

Matt Cassel can either come out and show the Indianapolis Colts that he's ready to build on his performance against the Vikings, or show people that he's not ready to be the same guy everyday. Cassel has shown the ability to make the plays needed to help the Chiefs win games. If he can do that again this week against the Colts, it'll go a long ways with Chiefs fans that want to see more than just one good game out of every four this season.

The Colts are ranked low in both passing defense (No. 20) and rushing defense (No. 28) through four games so far this season. Therefore the Chiefs should be able to move the ball against the Colts defense if they are to show us that Sunday's game against the Vikings wasn't some kind of a fluke. The Colts are hungry for their first win of the season after losing a heart-breaker to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. The Colts have a short week to prepare and that already gives the Chiefs an advantage. Let's see if they use it.