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Todd Haley Hopes Jonathan Baldwin Can Play Against Indianapolis Colts

The Chiefs offense turned things around against the Minnesota Vikings to put enough points on the board to win. If they’re going to progress further and turn the tables on a disappointing 2011 season, they’re going to need a catalyst. That’s why first round choice Jonathan Baldwin could be an ideal addition heading into the second quarter of the season.

Thus far, Baldwin has yet to play because of a broken thumb stemming from a locker room fight of some kind that also involved Thomas Jones. Details are hard to find about the event, but suffice to say that Baldwin hasn’t been available since and has been limited in practice as well. But the good news is that he practiced today and head coach Todd Haley says he hopes Baldwin plays on Sunday.

“He’s going to be out there practicing today in what I hope ends up being full with his teammates throughout,” says Haley at today’s press conference, “as opposed to not being in some of the team stuff. He’s excited. I know he’s been really working hard and I’m excited. It’s hard to sit there on the sidelines and not get to do much and this is another kid that really cares and wants to be in there trying to help. So we’ll see as the week progresses where he is. I hope to get him reps in the actual practice, so that would be good.”

The Chiefs play the Colts at 12pm CT on Sunday.

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