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Kansas City Chiefs' Matt Cassel Should Take Note Of Todd Haley's Company Line

One of the things that we constantly hear Todd Haley saying at press conferences is that he wants and expects his players to "be the same guy everyday". It's his company line so to speak. Matt Cassel should take note of this saying and apply it to his routine on Sundays.

It could be debatable that Cassel is the most polarizing player on the Chiefs roster right now. It seems as if everyone has a strong opinion at this point on Cassel and his future, or lack thereof, with the Kansas City Chiefs. The problem that a lot of Chiefs fans have with Cassel is that he has shown to be consistently inconsistent. This goes directly against one of Haley's motto's in being the same guy everyday.

Obviously it's a simplification of what Haley means with this saying. I'm just talking about one day per week that I'd really wish Cassel would just stay a little more consistent. There isn't a player on the Chiefs roster that has more pressure to perform well over the next three games than Matt Cassel. The Chiefs take on the Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos over their next three games. Those are three games against teams that most people wouldn't consider 'quality' opponents.

It's been well-documented how tough the Chiefs schedule gets in mid-November through mid-December. They face the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Green Bay Packers in consecutive weeks. With an up-and-down season thus far for Cassel, and that he's currently on the 'up' after a solid performance against the Vikings, he needs to see success against the Colts this weekend to put together back-to-back solid performances for the first time since weeks' 11 and 12 last season.

Cassel will have a bullseye on his back this weekend with Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney coming to town. The more consistent Cassel can become from week to week then the more comfortable fans will get with the idea that maybe the first couple of games were the exception, not the rule.