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Has Rick Reilly Ever Watched An NFL Game In His Life?

Everyone else has written about it, so ESPN's Rick Reilly recently decided to put together his own Andrew Luck sweepstakes column. The only problem is that he apparently hasn't seen an NFL game in his life. Or perhaps today is National Plagiarism Day mixed with Opposite Day. I still haven't showered for the day, so it's possible I failed to check my themed calendar. Still you have to laugh when reading Reilly's latest.

Reilly counts down the teams with the best chances to draft the talented Stanford quarterback with the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The common thought is that Luck is the next game-changing quarterback, so teams like the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts are aiming for Luck. It's been written about many times before, as I said, so I'm not bashing Reilly for taking the easy way out. In fact, Reilly goes beyond taking the easy way out by apparently asking my grandmother for commentary to make his points.

Consider the following:

On the Miami Dolphins chances for Luck...
Reilly's Ridiculousness: Their only decent player, QB Chad Henne, is out for the year with a shoulder injury. That might have been the Lucky break the franchise needed.
Reality Check: Henne is their only decent player? How about arguably the best left tackle in football? How about Henne is possibly one of worst starting quarterbacks in football besides the anchor known as Tarvaris Jackson? Who could even say that losing Henne will help the Dolphins lose games?

On the Kansas City Chiefs...
Reilly's Ridiculousness: "Yes, they screwed up and won a game, but everybody makes mistakes. Their point differential (-77) is stunning and lags the league. Their schedule is easy the rest of the way, but I think they're down to the challenge"
Reality Check: Schedule is easy the rest of the way? The Chiefs schedule gets much harder as it goes along with the first half being the easiest. Upcoming games include a five game stretch with Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Jets and Packers. Did Reilly even look or did Grandma say, "It has to be get easier from here. It just has to. Those poor Chiefs."

On the Seahawks...
Reilly Ridiculousness: Don't kid yourself. Tarvaris Jackson can take them there. Let it rain.
Reality Check: [Shaking head]