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NFL Picks: Peter King, Adam Schefter Choose Indianapolis Colts Over Kansas City Chiefs

A winless team without perhaps the best player in the NFL is somehow the favorite against the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s been that kind of a year. During the pre-season, the Indianapolis Colts were the fearsome foe sitting on the front half of the schedule. Four weeks in, and the Colts are the easiest team the Chiefs will have faced thus far (sorry, Vikings) after the surprising Lions and Bills have both proved tougher than believed. Yet most sportswriters have the Chiefs falling this weekend to the basement-dwelling Colts by a wide margin.

Peter King predicts the Colts will finally earn Curtis Painter a win after another full week of practice, and Adam Schefter is among the many ESPN personalities predicting the same. Even though the Chiefs are 1-3 and showed some life last week, only Ron Jaworksi picks the Chiefs to win on Sunday at Indy among 8 total sportswriters.