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Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe Putting On Receiving Clinic Against Indianapolis Colts

With another touchdown reception, Dwayne Bowe now has two on the day against the Indianapolis Colts and the Chiefs are now within three points after being down by 17. For Bowe, it’s been a personal clinic all day as Matt Cassel has largely depended upon his Pro Bowl receiver’s ability.

Bowe now has five catches for 102 yards and two touchdown catches after his latest five-yard TD catch that was as amazing of a catch as you’ll see in the NFL. He already had another one that went for 41 yards that broke several tackles. If not for the Pro Bowler from last year, the Chiefs would be hurting once again.

Not only this but the Chiefs now has the momentum and the Chiefs’ defense has really locked down in the second half. The full fourth quarter is set to play, so we’ll see which team comes out on top.