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Colts Vs. Chiefs Recap: Chiefs Limit Turnovers, Control Clock In 28-24 Win

The Kansas City Chiefs matched a franchise best comeback in a 28-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts. But what’s most impressive is the efficient, clean, commanding manner in which they handled themselves. The stats don’t lie and it’s clear the Chiefs played the way that their coaching staff hoped they would. Todd Haley must be proud.

In the win, the Chiefs didn’t turn the ball over once and controlled the clock for 33-plus minutes. Even though they fell behind by 17-0 at one point, the Chiefs never panicked and simply made sure to keep their heads in the game and play the way they’ve practiced all week. And the adjustments at halftime made all of the difference.

The Chiefs ended up with a well-rounded game, whether it was a career-high for touchdowns for Matt Cassel with four or a career game for Jackie Battle with 119 rushing yards. The Chiefs in total only committed five penalties for 39 yards and had 26 first downs in the game — a dominant performance that shows just how complete their game was versus the Colts.

Whether or not this level of play can continue is yet to be seen. Obviously, the Chiefs have played subpar opponents in each of the last two weeks, so fans should hold their breath before getting their hopes too high. Then again, it’s clear this is a team finding its groove after some early injuries and drama.