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Kansas City Chiefs Need Overtime, Lucky Fumble To Beat San Diego Chargers 23-20

The Kansas City Chiefs had a horrific string of bad luck that played a part in their 0-3 start to what was looking to be a miserable 2011 season. Thus, it's not surprising to find a bit of good luck coming their way as they've won four straight to now take over the AFC West division lead at 4-3 with last night's win over the San Diego Chargers, 23-20.

If anything, the game was sloppy from end to end. The total sum of the night for both teams include 21 penalties for 158 yards and 8 turnovers. Yes, 8 turnovers. Marcus McNeill, the Chargers left tackle, could have pieced together an impressive drive on his own with as many false starts and holding penalties matching up against the Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali.

Still the Chiefs came out on top because of one play that everyone will undoubtedly be talking about this morning: Philip Rivers fumble.

Near the end, the Chargers had chipped away at the lead on the leg of Nick Novak and Rivers had put the Chargers over the top by driving down the field to set up a Curtis Brinkley touchdown. One two-point conversion later and the game had been tied.

Tied at 20 apiece, Rivers had one goal: take down the clock to nearly zero and then kick the last field goal. Somehow with around 45 seconds left, Rivers fumbled the exchange with center Nick Hardwick and the Chiefs' Andy Studebaker recovered and ran away with the football from a pile of players that were still searching for the ball.

The rest of the game was history. Even after winning the toss, the Chargers couldn't make anything happen and the Chiefs put together their best drive of the game in overtime to march down and kick an easy 30-yard Ryan Succop field goal.

The Chiefs are now at 4-3 and so are the Chargers and the Raiders.