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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Kansas City Chiefs Move To No. 15

The Chiefs have been climbing steadily up the power rankings each week with one win after another. Four wins later, they're breaking into the upper half.

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Last week the Kansas City Chiefs were No. 21 in the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings. This week, they've moved to No. 15, jumping six spots along the way. That makes them the top climber in this week's Rankings from Joel Thorman and it's clear that the popular opinion about the Chiefs from four weeks ago is not nearly the same as it is now. Despite the odds stacked against them, Todd Haley has his club sitting in first place in the AFC West.

Thorman writes, "That's four in a row for the Chiefs and home games coming up against the Dolphins and Broncos. Hmm...the AFC West is going down to the wire." The competitive edge will likely continue until the very end since the Chiefs schedule gets much much harder after two softer weeks coming up, while the Raiders and Chargers endure the gauntlet immediately. Teams will inevitably rise and fall, but they're all likely to be within arm's length of each other in the end.