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Chiefs-Chargers: Matt Cassel Calls Monday Night Game Against Chargers As "Best Atmosphere Ever"

The Kansas City Chiefs used their Monday Night Football platform to move into a tie for the division lead with the struggling San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders at 4-3. Matt Cassel told 810 sports radio in Kansas City on Tuesday morning that the atmosphere at Arrowhead on Monday night was the best he's ever been a part of. That's a big statement considering last years' game against the Chargers on opening night, as well as the opening of the "New Arrowhead", would have probably given it a run for its' money.

But you can't argue that the atmosphere wasn't electric as Chiefs fans were desperately wanting to beat a Chargers team that has long been considered the class of the AFC West. Even with the Chiefs winning the division last year it seems as if they are always second fiddle, or in some cases before this season even third-fiddle as the Oakland Raiders become the sneaky pick. Starting off the season with back-to-back blowouts didn't help the Chiefs cause in changing this mindset, but now having won four games in a row and doing it without three of their best players in Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki. It makes it a pretty special thing to be at the position they currently find themselves in.

Hopefully Matt Cassel can say that a few more times this year and the Chiefs can continue to win in trying to defend their AFC West title. Because if Arrowhead was awakened on Monday night and that same kind of atmosphere can be replicated more this season, the Chiefs have gained back some of that home-field advantage that has been talked about so often with Arrowhead stadium.