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Todd Haley Deserves Credit For Kansas City Chiefs Turnaround

The Kansas City Chiefs have moved into a tie for the division-lead with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders after their victory on Monday night. The Chiefs impressive turnaround comes just a few weeks after may KC-area media members were calling for Haley's job after their dismal start.

While the frustration was justified because of the poor start, Haley has proved that he is the right man for this job and it's about time that people start giving him the benefit of the doubt. If we're willing to use a couple of games as proof that someone isn't the right man for the job (Buffalo and Detroit), why can't we use the Chiefs last two games to show that Haley is the man for the job (Raiders and Chargers).

There are many teams and coaches across the NFL that would not have handled the adversity that's faced this team as well as the Chiefs have. The injuries to Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki were crushing, but Haley has taken this team and found a way to win big games with the talent he has right now.

Not many coaches would handle the "call for his job" as well as Haley did this year, or the "Why did you go to a Lil' Wayne concert?" questions that were brought up by a biased national NFL writer. Haley sure catches a lot of hell when things aren't going right so let's give him some credit when things are going well. He's got this Chiefs team believing that they can beat anyone and that is as important as anything.