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NFL Picks: ESPN Experts All Choose Kansas City Chiefs Over Denver Broncos

Eight experts. Eight votes for the Kansas City Chiefs. For fans at Arrowhead on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, they certainly have to hope that’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Of course, the eyes of the nation will likely be on Tim Tebow’s ability to carry the Broncos to their third win in four games under center or not.

The Chiefs play the Broncos on Sunday at Arrowhead at 12pm CT and both teams are in the hunt of the AFC West — not because both teams are performing admirably but because every team in the division has been remarkably poor this season. The Raiders own a one game edge due to their Thursday night win over the Chargers and the Chiefs can tie them with a win here. A loss means that every team would be tied for second place, one game behind the Raiders. At this point, anything is believable, but most seem to place their money on the Chiefs.