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Kansas City Chiefs Preparing For Tim Tebow In Practice For Denver Broncos

The time is nigh to start the second half of the Kansas City Chiefs season, and the first half couldn't have been much more of a rollercoaster than what has already taken place. Still the Chiefs can remain in first place in the AFC West with a win on Sunday against the visiting Denver Broncos and that's the focus for the team and head coach Todd Haley.

Specifically, Haley says the team has been working hard to prep for Tim Tebow by utilizing Jerheme Urban and Tyler Palko to play Tebow's role in practice.

"I thought the last couple of days, but today with the pads on we had a great practice," Haley said of the prep work. "Probably in my opinion one of our best practices that we’ve had. Guys were into it, and some of that is getting to do some different things on the show team that are interesting and exotic so to speak, I thought everybody did a terrific job. The guys giving the quarterback look were excellent so it was a good practice, good work and I feel like we made progress."

Haley said that Tebow's college tape hasn't been a resource for the team, but he has been talking to friends within the SEC to get a feel for Tebow.

"I haven’t [watched Florida tape]. Defensively we had a couple of guys do it just to make sure we aren’t missing anything. I haven’t watched any Florida tape this week but I made sure I visited with all of our [Southeastern Conference] guys and just kind of picked everybody’s brain to see potential things we could see."

In some ways, however, Haley says that their defensive philosophy largely remains the same week in and week out.

"Our defensive philosophy regardless of who we are playing, is we’ve got to stop the run first. If we don’t stop the run then we’ll probably have a problem against anybody we play and Denver’s no different, and they happen to be running the ball really well right now so defensively we must do a good job against the run. They’ve got a number of guys including the quarter back that run it well, and at the same time we’ve got to be able to defend that pass but that doesn’t change week in and week out."