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NFL Picks: Peter King 'Can't Believe' He Chose Kansas City Chiefs To Beat Denver Broncos

In his latest picks column, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King picked the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Denver Broncos 23-10. It’s the same move most other sports analysts made this week heading into a great NFL slate of games. Yet King says he still cannot believe he’s making such a pick.

“I can’t believe it. I’m picking the Chiefs, a team that lost to an 0-7 team at home last week by four touchdowns, to beat the magical Tebows. Let’s just say if I were going to Vegas, I would stay miles and miles away from this game. It’s senseless.”

It is difficult to tell how Tebow will do. He lays an egg one week and yet has the Broncos winning two of their last three. The Chiefs are the same. A four game winning streak to head to the top of the division suddenly slammed into the previously winless Dolphins last Sunday. Neither team makes much sense at this point.