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Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Todd Haley Recognizes AFC West Is 'Four Horse Race'

In some time spent today with KC area media, Chiefs coach Todd Haley realizes that a win on Sunday against Denver is a major component for the Chiefs to have any chance of winning the AFC West given its competitive nature. Heading into this week’s competition, every team was within one game of each other and anyone can win. The Chargers, Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs all have reason to hope and there’s a lot of football left in the season.

“It’s a four horse race,” Haley said of the AFC West. “I’ve said our focus from the start of the year to the end of the year will be the same and that’s to win our division because that’s our guaranteed absolute best chance to get into the second season and have a chance to do great things.

“That’s the number one, primary goal for us and this is the Denver Broncos, like I said, all four horses are neck and neck and it doesn’t matter how the division is won. It just matters that who wins it gets to play more.”

It’s likely the worst record in the playoffs for the AFC will likely come from the West division. Still, that team will have a blank slate to work with and the Seattle Seahawks showed last year just how dangerous an overlooked team can be when given the chance.