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Kansas City Chiefs Still Have Top 10 Rushing Team Despite Loss Of Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles was lost for the season in game two, yet the Kansas City Chiefs continue to be a top 10 rushing team in the NFL rankings without him. That’s how committed to the run that the team’s offense is and just how strong of a surprise that Jackie Battle has been.

Thomas Jones should have been the expected contributor but Jones hit the veteran wall right around the same time as Charles went out. Thus the Chiefs were left to work with Battle and Le’Ron McClain. Luckily Battle has emerged with 78 carries for 344 yards and a 4.4 average. He also has one touchdown.

The Chiefs have missed Charles’ ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and do something with it, as Battle only has five catches thus far. With the loss of receiving check down targets like Charles and Tony Moeaki, Matt Cassel has had to adjust for most of the season. Yet the Chiefs are still at 4-4.

The Broncos will test the Chiefs’ running game since Denver is among the league leaders in rushing yards allowed per carry at 3.9. It will be a test of wills along the line that likely win or lose this game at Arrowhead.