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Chiefs Vs. Broncos: Kansas City Favored In Madden '12 Simulations Over Denver 20-6

Not only is it enough today to have multiple experts on every possible site pick their NFL predictions each week, but now we have computer simulations that do the same. Over at ESPN, they run Madden ‘12 simulations for each week’s games and this week’s game between the Denver Broncos at the Kansas City Chiefs should go in KC’s favor if the video game is correct.

“Anyone figure Tim Tebow out yet?” says the site. "One week, the second year quarterback pulls off a miraculous comeback and he’s the Broncos savior. The next game he looks like the worst quarterback in the league. How does he follow that up? By destroying the rival Raiders and looking like a runner/passer who can give defenses headaches. So how will he play against the Chiefs? According to “Madden,” look for an off week as Tebow completes only 14 of 32 passes, including an interception, as the Broncos lose 20-6."

Interestingly enough, Jackie Battle is predicted to have his best game as a pro football player with 19 carries for 101 yards and 2 touchdowns. If that’s true, KC does have a great chance of winning the game.