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John Clayton Says Chiefs Second Half Schedule Makes Playoffs Dim Hope

As John Clayton assesses the playoff chances from each division in his NFL mid-season primer, it's clear that neither he (nor anyone else for that matter) is feeling too hot about the AFC West. The best team has a 4-4 record and everyone is bunched in the middle, losing games they should have won and showing flashes in others. So it's no surprise to read that Clayton doesn't particularly like the Chiefs chances of a winning record given their upcoming schedule.


"The AFC West smells like a division that will be the No. 4 seed and not have a wild-card contender," says Clayton. "The Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs are 4-4, and playing inconsistently. Philip Rivers is forcing too many turnovers. The Raiders don't look the same since making the Carson Palmer trade. And the Chiefs' strong closing schedule and struggles in the first half make it hard to believe they will finish 8-8 or better."


That schedule is one that includes the Patriots, Steelers, Jets, Bears and Packers in the next five weeks.