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Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno Likely Out For Rest Of Broncos-Chiefs Game

The official word on injured Denver Broncos halfbacks is not good as John Clayton is reporting via Twitter that both Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee are not likely to return to today’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Both players went out rather early and Lance Ball has picked up a career high in carries already and the entire fourth quarter is still to go.

That puts the game on Tim Tebow’s shoulders, and if Denver goes down in the game (they’re currently up 10-7), then that makes passing the ball essential. Thus far, that’s not something the Broncos can count on, but the Broncos have ran the ball very effectively all day today, so perhaps they will be just fine.

Moreno finishes the game with 4 carries for 52 yards. McGahee ran 5 times for 17 yards.