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Phil Simms Says He'd Be Surprised If Matt Cassel Starts For Kansas City Chiefs Next Game

The Kansas City Chiefs definitely have something wrong, and Matt Cassel, the team’s starting quarterback, certainly has his share of detractors. But given the state of KC’s back-up situation at quarterback with Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi, it’s quite interesting to hear CBS Sports’ Phil Simms’ comments after the game concerning Cassel’s future.

Specifically, when analyzing the Chiefs loss to the Denver Broncos 17-10 this afternoon, Simms says he’d be surprised if Matt Cassel was the starting quarterback next week for the Chiefs. That means he believes the Chiefs would be better served with Palko (or Stanzi?) next week against the New England Patriots on the road.

Simms is certainly entitled to his opinions, but there’s no way Cassel has played himself out of the Chiefs starting situation. Cassel has thrown for 1,700 yards and 10 touchdowns againt 9 interceptions on the season. He also made the Pro Bowl just a year ago. There are much worse starting quarterbacks in the NFL week to week, and there’s no way the Chiefs make that move. Despite the Chiefs’ lack of offense today against the Broncos, Simms is simply dead wrong on this one.