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Matt Cassel On Injury: 'I Couldn't Go Back Into The Game' Against Broncos

Tyler Palko ended up playing in the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Denver Broncos and if you missed the game you might be wondering what happened. What’s clear is that Matt Cassel injured his hand, although no one quite knows to what extent since the Chiefs will obviously play coy on this all week long. He did leave Arrowhead Stadium with his hand in a cast.

After the game, Cassel answered a few questions about the injury. “I couldn’t go back into the game. I wanted to go in but was told not to. I was a little banged up. That is what kept me out. The medical staff will evaluate as the week goes on.”

“It was a tough game today. The Denver Broncos came out today and were more physical than us. We didn’t do enough offensively. We didn’t execute throughout the day. We just need to play better. That’s what it really comes down to; we need to play better as a team.”