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Matt Cassel Injury Comments: 'I'll Be Ready For Monday Night Unless Told Otherwise'

Monday night is a major game for the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Matt Cassel. For the team as a whole, it represents a chance to win a game against one of the most feared teams in the NFL. A win would bring instant respect and chants that the Chiefs are back again in a flip-flop season. For Matt Cassel, it’s also a homecoming on a national stage that surely brings a level of emotion and determination with it.

After Sunday’s game, Cassel answered comments about the hand injury he apparently suffered during the Broncos game that required Tyler Palko to finish under center. When asked about his availability for the Patriots game, he said, “I’m ready to play every day. I’ll be ready for Monday night unless told otherwise.”

Certainly against the Patriots, the Chiefs are going to have to get better — much better — than how they played against the Broncos. When asked about what the team must do, Cassel says it’s not that easy to even determine the issue.

“It is a complicated answer and for me to sit up here and give a detailed answer would be difficult for me to do. We will go back and review the film to see what we need to do better. Obviously, we need to do a lot of things better.”