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John Elway Says 'Tim Tebow is Going To Have To Throw The Ball' For Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow completed only two passes and somehow won the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s been the story all day yesterday and into this morning already from yesterday’s shocking stat line that had the Broncos running for nearly 250 yards in a lopsided offensive performance that worked despite the oddity. But John Elway says that won’t be the plan moving forward for the rest of the season.

“Tim’s going to have to throw the ball the rest of the year, there’s no question,” Elway said after the game. “We want Tim to be able to throw from the pocket, (but) we’re not trying to make him a pocket passer.”

Leave it to a quarterback to speak for the quarterback. It’s interesting reading Elway’s words because they’re all positive and yet they also read with a sense of caution attached. When asked about Tebow’s overall performance, Elway pointed to the victory.

“The bottom line is quarterback rating is tied to wins,” said Elway. “Since he’s started, we’re 3-1. I think things are going the right direction.”

Certainly the Chiefs run defense kept the game from coming out the opposite way and that should be the biggest story, but the focus remains on Tebow (even from us admittedly). It will be interesting to see how much more Tebow can develop as a passer with further practice and game experience. For now, we’ll all focus on just how ridiculous the stats from Sunday’s game were.