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Getting To Know Tyler Palko, The New Starting Quarterback For The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs already had a major game in front of them knowing they were facing the New England Patriots on the national stage known as Monday Night Football. Not only are they facing one of the NFL’s best teams but they’re doing so at 4-5, a record no one would have pictured before the season or even just three weeks ago. Instead, the Chiefs are fighting with their last gasps of air and now they’re doing so without their starting quarterback, Matt Cassel.

In light of Cassel’s hand injury that’s going to take him out for some time — perhaps the entire season — that brings one new man into view: Tyler Palko. Ricky Stanzi is the better long-term hope for the Chiefs, the fifth round choice out of Iowa who some believe could be a rather solid pro. However, he’s not game-ready at all and Palko already subbed for Cassel just yesterday. That means he’s going to get the start.

So just who is Tyler Palko? Well, there’s certainly not much NFL experience to speak of. He went undrafted in the 2007 NFL Draft coming out of Pittsburgh, landing with the New Orleans Saints on a UFA contract. From there he bounced to the CFL and back before landing with the Chiefs in 2010. He’s played in four pro games, throwing 9 of 13 for a 69 percent completion rate with 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. That’s what you call limited.

Instead, it’s hard to tell just what the Chiefs have here. After limited spots with the Saints, Cardinals and Steelers, Palko has never made an impact on any team enough to warrant playing time. Now he’s going to have the chance of a lifetime to impact the Chiefs on the biggest stage possible — in other words, it’s the stuff movies are made from.

Of course, most likely believe it will be a horror movie for the Chiefs, but here’s hoping that Palko can rise to the occasion and provide an offensive spark for a team that’s been nearly lifeless for some time.