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Matt Cassel Injury: Todd Haley Says 'We Feel Good About Tyler Palko' As Chiefs Quarterback

Bob Gretz is reporting Todd Haley’s reaction today to the injury news of Matt Cassel and it’s clear that everyone involved is toeing the company line. Matt Cassel talked as if he would start on Monday just earlier this morning via a radio interview and now Todd Haley is speaking confidently in Tyler Palko as his starting quarterback.

“With QB Matt Cassel out of the coming Monday night game in New England, Tyler Palko will get his first NFL start. ‘We feel good about Tyler, or he wouldn’t be our No. 2,” Coach Todd Haley said. ’I have belief in Tyler. He has a great understanding of how our offense works and his role in it.’”

His role in it. That’s a hard line to decipher, but it’s a safe assumption that his role within the offense is not “savior.” In fact, it will be up to the defense to win this game, as it has been most of the season for the Chiefs, if they are to stand any chance to beating the Patriots on Monday Night Football. Palko will likely play a role similar to Cassel in that of efficient game manager who takes advantage of his opponent’s mistakes.