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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Fall Back To Basement In NFL Power Rankings

The Green Bay Packers keep moving forward with another monster win, this time over the Vikings. They're settled in, but everyone else is a crapshoot. Here's our latest Power Rankings.

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Sunday's action in the NFL brought some unexpected results -- the Cardinals over the Eagles, the Seahawks over the Ravens, the Broncos over the Chiefs. It's the excitement of knowing that each and every week can bring victory or defeat to any single team. That said, the Green Bay Packers keep moving forward with another monster win, this time over the Vikings. They're settled in, but everyone else is a crapshoot. Here's our latest Power Rankings.

1. Green Bay Packers - The best team in football looks even better with strong defensive effort against Vikes.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers - Gritty win on road against tough Bengals team brings Pittsburgh to familiar elite territory.
3. New England Patriots - Tom Brady looked like Tom Brady again. As long as that happens, Pats can beat anyone.
4. New Orleans Saints - Good win against Falcons and gives team confidence heading into second half.
5. San Francisco 49ers - When all is said and done, they're not even close to the second best record in NFL.
6. Baltimore Ravens - Seahawks? Really?
7. Houston Texans - Loss of Matt Schaub for season gives team more injuries than they can handle.
8. Chicago Bears - Hats off to Bears for doing what needs to be done week after week.
9. Detroit Lions - Early season fire is settling down, but Lions remain potent club with Suh in defensive middle.
10. New York Giants - Sunday's loss to Niners raises questions about where Giants fit among NFC's best.
11. Atlanta Falcons - Mike Smith's mistake doesn't mask the momentum this team had.
12. New York Jets - Mark Sanchez will be the single piece that holds them back or takes them over the top.
13. Cincinnati Bengals - Still unable to hang with the elite, but brighter days are definitely ahead for Cincy.
14. Dallas Cowboys - Jerry Jones sings the team's praises this week, but let's not forget he was ready to disown not long ago.
15. Oakland Raiders - Spin a wheel in the AFC West at this point.
16. San Diego Chargers - This second half team will kick into gear soon enough to take division.
17. Tennessee Titans - A surprise door just opened in AFC South with Matt Schaub injury.
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Along with Chiefs, TB was young darling to make playoffs. Now both are wondering what happened.
19. Denver Broncos - Tebow is most polarizing player in entire league, but wins are wins and Denver will take 'em.
20. Buffalo Bills - Falling quickly. Fitzpatrick is shell of former self since signing contract.
21. Philadelphia Eagles - It's unbelievable just how the Eagles keep losing with that talent level.
22. Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags defense is better than anyone even cares about. If only the offense could match.
23. Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton will find NFL life tougher in second half, but Panthers hit a home run with top pick.
24. Miami Dolphins - Reinvigorated offense and defense should make Miami a pesky second half team.
25. Arizona Cardinals - John Skelton? Nice win for Cardinals over Eagles and Patrick Peterson should become household name.
26. Seattle Seahawks - Impressive win on Sunday against Ravens breathes life into once dead team.
27. Cleveland Browns - Schedule won't allow them to get too many more wins than the 3 they have now.
28. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford finally got another win, but this team has too many holes.
29. Kansas City Chiefs - They led the division a week ago. Now without Matt Cassel, things are going to get ugly really quickly.
30. Washington Redskins - Somehow a team that was 3-0 could end up 3-13.
31. Minnesota Vikings - Looked horrible against worst team in football, but yes, they're that bad.
32. Indianapolis Colts - Apparently put "Andrew Luck" in Google Maps before the season and took the direct route.