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Bill Belichick Prepares For Unfamiliar Tyler Palko, Not Matt Cassel

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football in what should have been a reunion game for Chiefs' quarterback, Matt Cassel, who played in New England from '05-'08. But instead it will be Tyler Palko who will be front and center against Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

As if the Chiefs weren't already having a difficult enough time finding an identity on offense with the losses to the NFL's leading rushed in 2010, Jamaal Charles, and impressive second-year tight-end Tony Moeaki, both to season-ending knee injuries. Now they lose their starting quarterback as they prepare for the most difficult stretch of games of their season, and maybe ever. The Chiefs take on the Patriots this week, then they travel home for the Steelers, then at the Bears, at the Jets, and then home for the Packers. That's a rough schedule for a team still searching for an identity. And now it's "step forward Mr. Palko". To say Tyler Palko is getting thrown into the fire would be like saying Jerry Sandusky has a public relations problem (among others, allegedly). 

Bill Belichick recently discussed preparing for Tyler Palko and not his former quarterback in New England, Matt Cassel. via WEEI's The Big Show With Glenn Ordway And Michael Holley

"We're going to have to do a little more work on Tyler," Belichick said. "Obviously we know Matt Cassel well from the four years we had him here, and even seeing him last January at the Pro Bowl. But Palko and Stanzi, we're going to have spend some more time on."

The good news for the Chiefs is that the Patriots don't have a lot to go on in preparing for Tyler Palko. The bad news is that the Chiefs don't either.