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Larry Fitzgerald Weighs In On Former Roommate Tyler Palko Starting Against Patriots

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver had nothing but positive things to say about his former University of Pittsburgh roommate Tyler Palko, and his opportunity to start for the Kansas City Chiefs this week against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. Nick Wright of 610 radio in Kansas city discussed Palko with Larry Fitzgerald on Monday night on his show. via 610 Sports in Kansas City.

"Tyler, to be honest with you he's a close friend. But I've never been around anyone as dedicated to the game of football as he is. The sacrifices he's made, the things he will do to be the best...I know he's been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I know this is not the way he wanted to get it seeing his good friend Matt go down with injury but that's the business we're in and I know he's going to seize the moment."

The Chiefs will look to Palko to jump-start a stalled offense that hasn't looked good in two consecutive losses to Miami and Denver. Hopefully Palko can bring something to the table to help this offense move the ball down the field on a consistent basis. Fitzgerald reflected back when he first met Palko and what this opportunity will mean to a player who has bounced around for years before settling in Kansas City. via 610 Sports in Kansas City

"I remember meeting him as a 17-year old kid going to the University of Pittsburgh and dreaming and aspiring to be on the big stage. Now he's finally getting his opportunity and I can't even imagine how excited he is."