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Tom Brady Can Break NFL Passing Record On Monday Night Against Chiefs

The magic number is 295. Given the tremendous capabilities of the New England Patriots' passing attack so far this season with Tom Brady passing to weapons like Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski among others, it's clear that Brady should at least approach that number of passing yards -- the magic number to break the total for most passing yards 10 games into a season.

Brady currently has 3,032 passing yards and Drew Brees holds the current record of 3,326, which also happened this season as a matter of fact. Brees is on the bye week this week, which means that Brady can own the record and the two can duke it out for the rest of the season. The record is likely meaningless in the end, but it is a signal that KC's secondary is going to have to be on notice that they have a major work ahead of them on Monday night to stop such a vaunted offense.