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Could Kris Dielman Be Out For Longer Than 2011 For Chargers?

It's a tragic story that unfortunately won't get its due. Even worse, it seems to have a ring to it that might insinuate more. Kris Dielman, the four-time Pro Bowl guard for the San Diego Chargers, is out the rest of the 2011 season with a concussion and consequent seizures stemming from an injury in their game on October 23 against the New York Jets. His placement on injured reserve means he'll have to look to next season to return to the field. But is that even possible?


There's no rumor to report, so this is pure speculation, but it should be asked if Dielman will ever return to the NFL at all. Dielman's been an exemplary pro for several years, making life difficult for Kansas City Chiefs defenders during that time. But when a head injury becomes so severe, it's no longer about ankles that need rest or bones that need healing. Instead, the possibility of brain trauma brings a whole new level of questioning that both Dielman and his family and the Chargers front office must discuss.


The story is tragic on several levels and our prayers are with the Dielman family in this time. Certainly there's a lot more at stake than just his ability to play football. And it's that reason that makes this whole situation so tenuous and any certainty for the future simply unable to predict at this time.