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Steve Breaston, Brian Waters Listed Among Top NFL Free Agent Signings In 2011

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The NFL off-season is a time where everyone gets a blank slate and every team's fan base hopes their team is the one that signs nearly every available player. It's a madhouse where one team is left smiling while others are wondering, "Why didn't we get that guy?" Yet year after year, there's a letdown when guys fail to live up to the expectations coming in. Just ask Dan Snyder.

Pro Football Focus recently came out with their latest list of the Top 10 Free Agent Signings of 2011 thus far in the NFL season and a couple of players with Chiefs ties have come through. While they didn't make the top 10, both Brian Waters and Steve Breaston come in among the few players for honorable mention. Breaston has provided a solid target among the Chiefs wide receivers with 33 catches for 483 yards on the year and two touchdowns. Waters was a former Pro Bowl guard for the Chiefs before being released. He signed with the New England Patriots after remaining free on the market for a long time.

Some of the top players include cornerbacks Carlos Rogers and Jonathan Joseph and middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch.