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Dwayne Bowe Week 11 Fantasy Update

If you're going to start any Kansas City Chiefs players this week in fantasy football, Sports Illustrated's Eric Mack believes you only have two solid options with a new quarterback, Tyler Palko, in play: Jackie Battle, the starting running back, and Dwayne Bowe, the team's Pro Bowl wideout. Anyone else other than that might be a waste of a fantasy roster spot.

"The way to beat the Patriots is keep the ball away from Tom Brady," writes Mack. Few seem to understand that or be able to do it, despite the fact the Pats remain in the bottom half of fantasy against RBs. Battle should be used heavily here, particularly with Matt Cassel out. Even with the backup QB as an unknown, we would stick with Bowe as a fantasy starter. The Pats are the worst team in fantasy against QBs and WRs. Even if the QB doesn't play well, there will be plenty of garbage time throws to Bowe -- and perhaps Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin."