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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Romeo Crennel Knows Tom Brady Is 'Difficult To Defend'

There's a lot of interwoven parts between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. Whether speaking of front office personnel, players or coaches, the two teams have friends in common and that makes tonight's Monday Night Football match-up that much more compelling. It also means the teams know each other a bit more than most -- and that could keep things closer than what people might believe.

As for Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, he knows exactly what Tom Brady can do on offense since he lined up against him every day in practice for years. You can tell the man still has great respect for Brady.

"The thing about Tom is, he has great command at the line of scrimmage," Crennel told the Boston Herald. "And he will get them into the play he feels like gives them the best chance for success. And so, that’s the difficult thing about defending him. Because he’s so sharp, he reads well, he recognizes fronts, recognizes coverages and then he knows exactly where he needs to go with the ball. And so, that combination of all those things makes him extremely difficult to defend."