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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Tyler Palko Brings New Dimensions To Quarterback Position

The New England Patriots aren't going to have to face the best that the Kansas City Chiefs have to offer at quarterback. That said, they do have some challenges in front of them given the qualities that back-up Tyler Palko brings under center.

Matt Cassel, the former Patriot back-up and current Chiefs starter, went out for the next several weeks and possibly the season with a hand injury last week against the Broncos that required surgery this past week. Rendered unable to play, Palko now takes the starting nod with rookie fifth-round choice Ricky Stanzi as his back-up. Given the status of the KC quarterback position, it might have the New England front four thinking they will feast once again, just as they did last week when Andre Carter had four sacks against the Jets.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald got a glimpse of what Carter is thinking against the Chiefs this week. He writes

Asked if he’s ready for an encore, Carter quickly said, "No encore." His hope, especially against an inexperienced quarterback like Tyler Palko, is simply constant pressure from the front seven — sacks or not. But they’ll have to attack with caution, given Palko’s ability with his feet. He’s an elusive quarterback," Carter said, "and that’s something as a pass-rusher, coming off the edge, we got to be aware of. He’s a play-maker."

The Chiefs are hoping that Palko brings enough athleticism and added dimension to the position to throw off the New England defense enough to win. The odds, however, are stacked against them.