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NFL Draft 2012: Brandon Weeden's Stock Sliding Due To 'Penchant For Poor Decisions'

Whether or not it’s true, it at least seems as if there are more top quarterback prospects than any other recent year in the NFL Draft. Even after the Andrew Luck hype at the top of the pecking order, names like Landry Jones, Matt Barkley and Robert Griffin III lead an army of others hoping to have their names called as well. One of those, Brandon Weeden, is unfortunately sliding at the wrong time according to’s Bucky Brooks.

“The Oklahoma State star continues to baffle scouts with his maddeningly inconsistent play in the pocket,” writes Brooks. "While his gaudy numbers (42 of 58 passes for 476 yards with three touchdowns and three interceptions) are impressive at first glance, it is his suspect decision making that worries evaluators.

“He inexplicably forces throws into traffic and costly turnovers typically result from tips or deflections,” he continues. “If he continues to take unnecessary chances with the ball, it will be hard for scouts to ignore his penchant for poor decisions despite his exceptional arm.”