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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker Present Major Match-Up Issues For Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs have a daunting task tonight against the New England Patriots. And Gary Horton of Scouts, Inc. says that one of the Chief (pun intended) reasons they’ll have issues on Monday Night Football is KC’s inability to match up well one-on-one with Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker. Of course, the Chiefs aren’t the only ones with a problem doing so. Still, Horton writes that the Chiefs might try to force Brady to string a drive together using a zone defense.

“The key to success versus Brady is to avoid letting him identify pre-snap matchups and force him to hold on to the ball too long,” says Horton. "Will Kansas City put its best cover corner, Brandon Flowers, on Wes Welker to take him out of the game — much like Darrelle Revis did?

“If that happens, how do the Chiefs cover the New England tight ends, who are size mismatches for safeties and speed mismatches for linebackers?” he continues. “Because they are not an elite cover unit and because they are really vulnerable in the deep middle of the secondary, the Chiefs may try to play a lot of zones to force multi-play drives by Brady.”