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Chiefs' Todd Haley Denies Taking Playcalling Away From Bill Muir In Patriots Loss

The offensive coordinator carousel has went around and around in Todd Haley's first few years in Kansas City. So he shouldn't be surprised that some were wondering last night about whether or not he'd taken away playcalling duties from this year's OC Bill Muir after moving Muir from the coaches box to the sidelines. Yet Haley insists that nothing was different last night during the 34-3 loss to the New England Patriots.

"It was no different than what we normally do," Haley said. "We just made an alteration with having Bill down. We just thought, I just thought that we were at a point here, at this point in the season, that in order to try to get a little change, he talks to the offense all week and I just felt that being up in the box right now wasn’t the best place for him. So, we brought him down, but we were still status quo with how we operated."

That alteration might be the first of many to come in a season that has clearly disappointed. With the loss, the Chiefs are tied with the San Diego Chargers for last place in a division that's wide open for anyone with a competitive pulse at this point and every single team in the division has looked quite vulnerable at times. A season that doesn't match expectations generally means someone's head is going to roll -- unless you're the Bengals -- so could Muir be the next OC to be replaced? It's a question we won't know for a while, but it's interesting to already hear Haley making changes to shift things around and bring new results. Those shifts can only get bigger with time.