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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Tyler Palko Says Three Interceptions Were 'Disappointing'

Tyler Palko took his lumps last night against a revitalized Andre Carter and the rest of the Patriots front seven. Yet he also showed a strong poise and ability to move the chains against an injury-depleted New England secondary. Thus, there was good and bad both for the Chiefs at quarterback during last night’s 34-3 loss to the Patriots.

Palko’s final line looks worse than it was, but it was still disappointing for the first-time starter. Palko said after the game that he’s ready to move forward but it’s obviously not the way he would have wanted things to go.

“You can’t run away from them; they’re interceptions,” Palko said. “They were turnovers and you can’t run away from those things. You have to learn from them, but move forward as well. At the end of the day, you go back, watch the film, evaluate, and move forward. You can’t do anything about the past and obviously it was disappointing.”

He’ll likely get the next start or two at least given that Ricky Stanzi never even warmed up despite the 30 point lead. Todd Haley wants to give Palko his reps and it’s clear he wants to see more.