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Chiefs Vs. Patriots: Tom Brady Says First Half Execution 'Wasn't Very Sharp'

The Kansas City Chiefs' performance in the first half of the 34-3 loss to the New England Patriots was better than anyone who watched the game might realize. Tom Brady was sacked three times and Wallace Gilberry forced a fumble. The Chiefs kept Brady from targeting Wes Welker at all. The running and passing game were also working fairly well with an up-tempo offense that seemed to work well. Then came halftime and it all fell apart.

Still, Tom Brady said after the game that the first half didn't go as planned and it's clearly a testament to what the Chiefs were able to do. He spoke to WEEI after the game.

"Well, our execution early wasn’t very sharp," Brady said. "We just weren’t on the same page collectively as a group. Once we settled in and got into stuff we felt really good about, we did a much better job of execution and that produces points. But early on it was tough. They threw a bunch of different things at us and we were kind of out of sorts. We responded well in the second half. But it’s hard to win in the NFL and to win 34-3 was pretty good for us coming off an emotional win against the Jets and a home loss two weeks ago."

That statement about throwing things at them that they had to figure out makes you wonder if the Chiefs simply ran out of tricks to run. Early in the game, they tried an onside kick, ran the Wildcat, pulled a Statue of Liberty play and came at Brady from all directions. It's interesting to see how well that worked up front and then how the team was unable to keep the momentum in the second half with proper adjustments.